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Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham

Two grey tabby kittens playing in a basket

The Pawsitive Impact Fund

Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham and Veterinary Care Foundation have joined forces to create The Pawsitive Impact Fund, a non-profit fund, for the purpose of providing financial assistance to pet owners in need. 100% of every dollar donated to the The Pawsitive Impact Fund is used to treat sick or injured animals.

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How Funds Are Used

The Pawsitive Impact Fund donations are available for patients being treated at the hospital and are used solely toward:

  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases

  • Assistance for pet owners in demonstrated financial crisis

  • Funding for pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster

In order to receive assistance from The Pawsitive Impact Fund, client must have exhausted all other payment options - Care Credit (or any other payment program), credit cards, family and friends.

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How to Help

When you make a donation to the The Pawsitive Impact Fund, 100% of your tax-deductible gift will support the care of pets in need. To donate to the The Pawsitive Impact Fund, click the link below!