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Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham

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About Us

It all started in 1995.

Dr. James Milton founded our company, VSB, which was then called Veterinary Surgery of Birmingham, based on the steadfast desire to bring the best surgical care possible to the pets of Birmingham.

So, he got to work doing just that.

In 2003, less than ten years of quality service later, we were doing so well that it was time to expand, and we relocated to a bigger facility. Just a year later, in 2004, Dr. Milton hired Dr. Antonio “Tony” Ballagas, and business continued to grow and expand for another sixteen years.

At that point, in 2019, thanks to continued growth, the need for more space, and the vision that Dr. Ballagas had for a state-of-the-art multi-specialty veterinary hospital, the clinic relocated to 146 Resource Center Parkway and expanded into a multi-specialty referral hospital, changing the name to Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham.

Our practice of board-certified veterinary specialists has been over two decades in the making.

Our brand new 11,500 square-foot facility features state-of-the-art equipment allowing us to offer the best care for your pet.

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We love what we do!

Whether you found us on your own or your primary veterinarian referred your pet to our practice, we provide specialized treatment within our varied areas of expertise with our state of art equipment for use in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

This includes CT, X-ray, ultrasonography, in-house bloodwork, cytology, a fully functioning ICU, and minimally-invasive diagnostic and surgical equipment. We are also proud to be an after-hours emergency/critical care hospital.

Our team is made up of a team of specialists, highly trained veterinarians, numerous veterinary technicians, and assistants, as well as administrative staff.

At VSB, our exceptional specialists and highly trained veterinary staff are experts in their given fields and are committed to achieving the best outcome possible with each patient visit. This is thanks in large part to our Cornerstones of Success for veterinary care.

Cornerstones of Success

VSB is the only multi-specialty facility located in the city of Birmingham.

In addition to our state-of-the-art ICU facility and highly trained staff, we also provide exceptional emergency care. This allows us to offer an unprecedented collaborative approach catering to all of our patient’s needs all available under one roof.

You can trust that we will treat both you and your pet with integrity, compassion, and commitment in all that we do, ensuring you’re able to enjoy complete peace of mind while your pet is under our care.


We want you to know that you can trust that we will work to provide your pet with the utmost integrity and care.

Our team values your trust, and we will always do our best to tailor our treatment to you and your pet’s specific needs.

We are proud of our client testimonials and our relationship with referring Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (rDVMs), who place their faith in us when they refer patients to our animal hospital.


Compassion is strongly needed in any doctor-patient relationship. At Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham, we truly love animals, and that is shown in our empathy, felt in our sympathy, and demonstrated in everything that we do. We know that leaving the home and entering a veterinary hospital can be intimidating for our pets, so we do everything we can to put every pet first, working to provide comfort along with our care.

Reducing stress during the recovery process through compassionate care leads to better outcomes and happier pets, and you should expect nothing less.


At Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham, we are committed to delivering the best and most precise care for your pet. We commit to providing the best outcomes in everything we do.

Part of that commitment means putting our absolute best into providing advanced diagnostics, state-of-the-art care and personalized approaches to recovery.

We are committed to your pet’s total recovery and will exercise all options available to find the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet.