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Iris & a Broken Jaw

Iris and a Broken Jaw

Iris is a 9-month-old Pitbull terrier found injured and alone by her new owners. Due to an unknown trauma, Iris was brought into our emergency department and was diagnosed with bilateral mandibular fractures.

After an initial examination by Dr. Centini and overnight monitoring and pain management by our ICU staff, Iris was transferred to our surgery department and evaluated by Dr. Ballagas.

Dr. Ballagas was able to perform a surgical procedure to stabilize the fractures with plates and screws. Iris did well with surgery and was sent home the next day to recover with her new family.

Iris had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ballagas at 2 weeks and 6 weeks post-op and we’re very happy to say that she is doing well and living her best life with her new owners!

We're so happy that she was found and taken care of by such amazing people, and we’re privileged to have been able to care for this precious girl!